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Banking On Green Opportunities 2 Profit People & Planet...

Environment creates opportunities 2 reduce unemployment & profit the planet 4 economic recovery 2ru sustainability.

Activating Green Opportunities 4 Sustainable Development


The activation of green opportunities ensures the actualization of resource efficient, competitive low-carbon economy, sustainable, socially-inclusive and resilient societies.

Green growth means fostering economic growth and development while ensuring that natural assets continue to provide the resources and environmental services on which our well-being relies. This means wisely capitalizing on and leveraging opportunities to transform the economy and drive sustainability.

There are three critical pillars for the achievement of efficient green transition:

Sustainable energy


Responsible resource




Prioritizing the exploration of green opportunities for development is key to unlocking new growth engines to drive the inclusive improvement of human well-being and build social equity while reducing environmental risks and scarcities. Which is the integrated view of growth that forms the basis of the United Nation's Global Goals Agenda 2030 (Sustainable Development Goals), and constitutes the guiding principles of the development action agenda of this century.

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