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Become a Part of a Community at the Frontlines of Nationwide Action to Unlock Green Opportunities to Profit People and Planet.

The ECO2RUPPERS AFRICA Volunteer Zone is designed to mobilize a network of ecoconscious youths across 50+ African countries in the largest national Green Citizen Impact campaign in Africa, to activate practical measures to domesticate the SDG Decade of Action and accelerate the actualization of a low-carbon economy transition.

The volunteer platform activates a network of community-based SDG Action Marshalls specifically trained, empowered and deployed to contribute towards the creation of a greener, cleaner, gender responsive and socially inclusive society for Net-zero footprint through multiindustry, multi-stakeholder and multi-cultural civic action campaigns to create a climate of green profits for Africa.

ECO2RUPPERS AFRICA is situated to drive a continent-wide gender and youth-based Development Impact Marshalls Program based on the conviction that Women and Youths are essential at the frontlines of leadership and action to ensure the realization of Inclusive, Sustainable and Equitable progress and development in Africa.

Volunteer Paths.


Community-based Sustainability Impact Advocates to promote education, resource/information access, justice.


LGA-based Sustainability Impact Coordinators.


Community-based Sustainability Impact Agents.

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Volunteer Impact and Incentive System Overview.

1 Terrabyte (1,000GB) REWARD.

1000 Trees Eco-pledge

1000 hrs of Sustainable Impact Volunteerism.

100 weeks of Sustainability Volunteer Service.

16 SDGs Activation Programs.

Volunteer Incentive & Impact Footprint.

Earn 10GB Weekly

When you...

Volunteer 10hrs Weekly

Plant 10 Trees Weekly.

Activate Program/ Advocate for
1 SDG Weekly.

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